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Three dimensional transport lattice model for describing action potentials in axons stimulated by external electrodes
DA Stewart, TR Gowrishankar, JC Weaver
Biolelectrochemistry 69:88-93 2006

Conditions that stimulate action potentials in one or more nerves is of widespread interest. Axon and nerve models are usually based on two dimensional pre-specified lumped equivalents that assume where currents will flow. In contrast, here we illustrate creation of three dimensional (3D) system models with a transport lattice of interconnected local models for external and internal electrolyte and axon membrane. The transport lattice solves Laplace's equation in the extracellular medium and is coupled to the Hodgkin-Huxley model at local membrane sites. These space-filling models incorporate the geometric scale, which allows explicit representation of confined axons and external electrodes. The present results demonstrate feasibility of the basic approach. These models are spatially coarse and approximate, but can be straightforwardly improved. The transport lattice system models are modular and multiscale (spatial scales ranging from the membrane thickness of 5 nm to the axon segment length of 2 cm).

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