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Cylindrical Cell Membranes in Uniform Applied Electric Fields: Validation of a Transport Lattice Method
DA Stewart Jr., TR Gowrishankar, KC Smith, JC Weaver
IEEE Trans. Biomed. Eng., 52(10): 1643-1653 Oct 2005

The frequency and time domain transmembrane voltage responses of a cylindrical cell in an external electric field are calculated using a transport lattice, which allows solution of a variety of biologically relevant transport problems with complex cell geometry and field interactions. Here we demonstrate the method for a cylindrical membrane geometry and compare results with known analytical solutions. Results of transport lattice simulations on a Cartesian lattice are found to have discrepancies with the analytical solutions due to the limited volume of the system model and approximations for the local membrane model on the Cartesian lattice. Better agreement is attained when using a triangular mesh to represent the geometry rather than a Cartesian lattice. The transport lattice method can be readily extended to more sophisticated cell, organelle, and tissue configurations. Local membrane models within a system lattice can also include nonlinear responses such as electroporation and ion-channel gating.

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