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Spatially constrained localized transport regions due to skin electroporation
Gowrishankar TR, Herndon TO, Vaughan TE, Weaver JC
Journal of Controlled Release 60: (1) 101-110 JUN 28 1999

Rapid, controlled molecular transport across human skin is of great interest for transdermal drug delivery and minimally invasive chemical sensing. Short, high-voltage pulses have been shown previously to create localized transport regions in the skin. Here, we show that these regions can be constrained to occur at specific sites using electrically insulating masks that restrict the;field lines. The increase in total ionic and molecular transport per area was comparable to the levels observed in unconstrained electroporation of human skin. Constraining the area of intervention to encompass small areas of interest, a primary feature in the design of microdevices for transdermal drug delivery, can provide the same levels of flux as the unconstrained case.

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