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In-situ hybridization to chromosomes stabilized in gel microdrops
Nguyen BT, Lazzari K, Abebe J, Mac I, Lin JB, Chang A, Wydner KL, Lawrence JB, Cram LS, Weier HU, Weaver JC, Bradley DW
Cytometry 21: (2) 111-119 OCT 1 1995

Conventional chromosome in situ hybridization procedures rely on fixation to glass slides followed by microscopic evaluation. This report describes the development of a microdrop in situ hybridization (MISH) method which facilitates hybridization to chromosomes in suspension. Chromosomes encapsulated in gel microdrops (GMDs) composed of an agarose matrix withstood stringent hybridization and denaturation conditions. Because of the increased stability, hybridization to encapsulated chromosomes was detected by how cytometry as well as conventional microscopy. Thus, the MISH method offers a means for chromosome hybridization without slides and may enable identification and isolation of chromosomes using hybridization rather than nucleic acid binding dyes.